Saturday, June 2, 2012

The best registry cleaner and anti spyware

My pc was recently screwed up for some time. It took me a long time to fix it. I thought I would share my experience here so the readers might get little tips of something other travian and game cheats. I didn't realize at the begining but after downloading Norton and spyware doctor, my computer was extremely slow. So slow that it took me more almost 15 minutes to shutdown. The next time when I started the computer, I started looking in the registry. Some processes looked new to me and I deleted them. This further slowed my computer. I was on the verge of throwing it when I tried 2 new sofwtares.

I deleted Norton and spyware doctor. It did make some difference but wasn't runing at the same old speed as I expected. I then installed spybot and scanned it. It found some errors and i repaired but didn't again see much difference in the speed . As far as I know, it's good for resident shield (to prevent new virus entering) and it's not so heavy program (doesn't make pc slow). I felt the real difference in speed when I downloaded this Registry Easy. It scanned very fast and found lot errors. After fixing these errors, I coudn't beleive the speed of my pc. It was atleast 30 times faster than before.

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